Reddit Gets Drawn

There's a subreddit called Reddit Gets Drawn where people post pictures of themselves and ask others to draw them. Some of the photos are unintentionally sublime and make for great sketch material.

"I'm not as pretty as you guys are, but its the only good single photo I had from army. Could you draw me? [Im the right one] by Drawrequiest"

"Is this photo of my cat worthy of being drawn? by coreyisthename"

"This is me when a friend was doing m senior portraits. He's actually really good! Someone want to take a gander and draw/paint/sketch/anything me? by MantoniusMaximus"

"it would be awesome of any of you to draw my good friend (in any style beggars cant be choosers :))). i understand if its too blurry to do but it doesnt hurt to ask! thanks so much in advance!! by thethealaska"

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