This and that

Here are a couple of concept images for a graphic novel my friend and I are working on.  The left image is done with a "brush" brush, and the right image is done in a "pencil" brush. 

Another image for the graphic novel.  This was a blast to draw.

This is an illustration for the school paper that was never used.  I think it's pretty boss, my editor thought otherwise.


Newspaper work

Swine flu vs. Normal flu

KU and Sesame Street
Banners that appear on the university newspaper's website


Limited edition!

A couple of images from an experimental comic I was working on but quickly lost interest in.


Dump time!

Upcoming character:
Steve McQueen:

Background for animation:

Another background:

Illustration for the school paper:

Character designs for animation:

Illustrations for the school paper:


Newspaper illustration

An illustration for the school paper about choosing, mixing and matching majors.


From Painting 1

It has been just over a month since I last posted here. In that time, I've finished my introductory painting course. Here are the fruits of my labors in the order I painted them in:

Skull still life - 17" x 23"

Plain ol' still life - 24" x 30"

Self portrait - 18" x 24"

Cloud study - 8.5" x 6"

Alteration of master painting - 17" x 20"

Diptych - 32" x 20"



Illustration Wednesday! Wait? What? Oh. Whoops, heh heh. Ahem.

Illustration Thursday! Codeword: "Choose your own adventure"



Illustration strangeness

My Illustration Friday entry for "craving." I lost control of this composition early on, and just started doing stuff whether it made sense or not. Sometimes, you just gotta get it out of your system, no?


More comics for the university paper

Comic experiments

Some more comics. I don't really like how they're turning out at the moment, but I know if I keep slogging through them I'll start to figure it out. Order of business number one: fix values.





There is no bitter. There is no tart. There is no piquant.

There is only sour. Deal with it.


Summer plans

Summer is here and that means less illustration work for yours truly. To keep sharp, I'm going to be trying to complete at least three illustrations a week.

Let's start things off with an illustration called, "Thinking of Bikini Bottom." This piece was executed with chalk pastel, then manipulated in Photoshop.