Sorry for the absence. October was a busy month

Let's get this blog going again.

The digital painting below is a color study for an acrylic painting I recently completed:

These little guys are off-model sketches of the 1941 KU Jayhawk. They were commissioned as inspiration for a KU-themed tattoo.


Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey thumbnails

Some preliminary sketches for a commissioned piece I'm working on.

Each sketch is around 2" x 3". I think doodles are just as beautiful if not more so than the final piece.


Snowpeeps, pumpkins, and scarecrows

Some recent freelance work...

The snow people were a ton of fun to draw and color. This was my first experience painting in Photoshop with the "scattering" option enabled for the Smudge tool. Thanks to Matt Cook for the tip!

Photomerge portrait

The image below is from the television show Spartacus. It was stitched together from several images that I screen-captured as the camera panned from the fallen bodies in the foreground up to Spartacus' face. Several of the background elements have been removed and painted over, and portions of Spartacus himself have been manipulated to fit within the image frame.