Tribute to Ben Richards

The Running Man is one of the all-time great science fiction movies. Mainly because it has Arnold running around in a sweet Adidas shoulder-padded jumpsuit, finding creative ways to kill people and survive the ultimate manhunt.

Here's how I went about creating my painted portrait of Arnold's character, Ben Richards:

Screencap from movie

Pencil thumbnail

Full size pencil sketch

Digital color study

Original painting

Digital pass


Paintings for the Mission Art Walk

On October 14, I'll be exhibiting at the Mission Art Walk in downtown Mission, Kansas. It's a mini art fair for area residents. You can find it on Woodson Road between Johnson Drive and Martway Street.

The images below are some paintings I'll be selling at the show. Everything will be pretty inexpensive, so it's a good opportunity for collectors to score some cheap Drew Stearns originals.

"Brush" - 9.25" x 13" - Arcylic on wood panel 

"Clamp" - 9.25" x 13" - Acrylic on wood panel

"Flat Head" - 12.75" x 11.75" - Acrylic on wood panel

"Hammer" - 9.5" x 12.75" - Acrylic on wood panel

"Pliers" - 7.25" x 12.25" - Acrylic on wood panel

"Wrench" - 9.25" x 12.75" - Acrylic on wood panel

Macho Man Sunglasses

Randy "Macho Man" Savage left us too soon. For a few weeks following his death, I obsessed over the man, reading every obituary, watching hours of fuzzy VHS transfers on YouTube, and incessantly growling "SNAP INTO A SLIM JIM!"

My lust for Macho Man ephemera grew, but it was impossible to locate any official gear. Saddened that I couldn't find a DayGlo-yellow tasseled sequined leather jacket or a checkered neon cowboy hat, I decided to buy some wholesale shades and customize them with decorative foils.

You can find pairs I've already made, or submit an order for a custom-made pair on my Etsy page. Without a doubt, they're the key accessory in any Macho Man Halloween costume.

Here are some examples:

Glitter Gold Stripe

Checkered Flat Yellow

Checkered Glitter Gold

Icicle Blue


What did you do Steven Keaton?

I don't know why I made this wallpaper, but I did.

Little Timmy Allen

I'm American enough to admit it: the new Tim Allen sitcom in development has me excited. Too excited, perhaps?

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