Here is the acrylic version of Dr. Phil. It sort of pains me to post this but I have to keep myself honest. I dabbled on this over four days or so; an hour here and there. I think having a template to work from (the digital version) helped speed along the process, but I still could have fleshed it out more. Overall, a good experience.


Getting nit picky

This illustration was for a story about "vampire appliances," which suck energy when plugged in regardless of whether or not they are in use. Given the short turnaround time I had to work with, I was happy how it turned out...

...until I noticed it was hard to make out the toaster's cord once it entered the shadowy area. I was immediately struck with artist's regret and felt compelled to fix it:

I think it makes a world of difference, but that's probably the OCD talking.



A little D-Phil. This is a digital study for an acrylic (real paint!) version.

Digital painting

Here, I was experimenting with brush sizes and digital painting techniques.

Newspaper illustration

This is a test illustration for a story about how music and exercise can help students manage stress during finals week.