Some randomness

Trying to find the right skin/hair combination:

Here is a quick sketch of Superman's head and shoulders.  I love the gestural marks I make when I'm quickly sketching something:


Visual evolution

These illustrations chart the evolution of an idea.  The first draft:

The second draft:

The third draft:

The major conceptual shift between the first and second draft was nerve racking, but the end result was worth it.


Odds and ends

This is a still life commissioned by my mom.  It's 20" x 24" and completed in acrylic.

CNBC personality Larry Kudlow

The following two images are studies done for a friend's tattoo.

This is a colored pencil sketch that is unintelligible to anyone besides me and a few other people so I'm not going to even try and explain it.  I really enjoy working with colored pencils but it's hard to achieve a full value spectrum (white to black / light to dark).  I need to experiment with a watercolor washes.