I love charcoal pencils

Quick media study using an 8B graphite pencil. I like the texture it leaves on the paper. The great thing about an 8B is that it handles the grayscale-to-pure-black-and-white transition without losing much detail, because it's so dark.


Star pupil

This was for a story in the school paper about people who attend college for more than the usual four years. The article centered around Malakai Edison, a seven year art student, who is the model for my illustration.

This one took about two hours from start to finish.



This is an illustration for an article in the school paper about how to make a "mix tape" for your loved one.

This piece took me about two and a half hours from concept to finish. Below is a chart of my process work. Steps 8 through 14 are compositional studies depicting dancing music notes emerging from the "heart shaped box." In between steps 14 and 16, I deleted the dancing music notes, closed the lid on the box, enlarged the box, added a large symbolic note to the lid, and added a radial dissolving gradient. For some reason, I did not save any of those images.


Character studies

Here are some quick sketches. It was supposed to be an exercise in line variation except there is only one that differs from the rest, and it has no line at all! Oh well. I've been doing some research on different artists the past few days and have been on an anti line crusade, but I'm not sure I can live without it...