Biopharmaceutical Logo

Here are a couple variations of a logo I cooked up for a biopharmaceutical consultancy.


Thurman Munson Portrait

Despite hating the Yankees, I really like the way this Thurman Munson commission turned out. It's acrylic on canvas, 9 x 12".


Watercolor house

A recent commissioned piece and soon-to-be Christmas present. 18" x 14", ink and watercolor on paper.


My goodness my Guinness

Here's a recent commissioned piece and soon-to-be Christmas present. It's 14" x 18", acrylic on canvas. I'm really pleased with how it turned out. The dog's face kills me every time. I mean, look at 'im. He jus' a widdle guy!

If the stork and text looks familiar, that's because this painting is a play off an old Guinness beer poster. Credit for the idea goes to my customer - brilliant!


Seghesio Zinfandel still life

Here's a recent commissioned piece. 18" x 24", acrlyic on canvas. A still life like this makes a great (ahem. AHEM.) Christmas present.

If you want to see the image full-size instead of within the constraints of Blogger's new "light box" feature, open the image in a new window or tab.


Random icons

These images were for the Big Map project, but I ended up changing up the visual style and not using them. I still like them, though.


Big map

A commissioned piece showing the Hermosa/Venice Beach area:



Sketching Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs is fun to draw because of his simple yet iconic appearance. He's a ready-made cartoon character, really.

Various sketches with commentary

After he passed, I watched his Stanford Commencement Address. I lifted a line from his speech and combined it with the final drawing from above, and made a little inspirational wallet card.

It's a little dinged up from sliding in and out of my wallet

Doodle magic

This little thumbnail doodle took me all of two minutes, but it has more personality and dynamism than most of my finished work. Why can't all stages of the artistic process be this spontaneous and intuitive? WHY? 


The Mission Art Walk is TONIGHT!

Local artists, live music, good food and good times at the Mission Art Walk tonight from 6 to 10. I'll be at my booth selling paintings all evening, so come on down and say "hey." 

This piece and plenty other Drew Stearns originals will be on sale for $15. That's a slick deal if you ask me.

"Good Night Nurse" - 15 x 19" - Acrylic on wood panel

10/18/11 Update:

The Art Walk came and went and a good time was had by all. I made six sales during the evening! Were they all to friends or family? Yes, but that still counts!

Looking south down Woodson road, right off Johnson Drive

View of my booth from the main drag

My view of the main drag from the booth

Sitting in my chair behind my booth, looking south 


More Mission Art Walk paintings

On October 14, I'll be exhibiting at the Mission Art Walk in downtown Mission, Kansas. It's like a mini art fair for area residents. You can find it on Woodson Road between Johnson Drive and Martway Street.

The images below are some paintings I'm selling at the show. Everything will be pretty inexpensive, so it's a good opportunity for collectors to score some cheap Drew Stearns originals.

"Brachiosaurus" - 9.25 x 12.75" - Acrylic on wood panel

"Deinoychus" - 12.75 x 9.75" - Acrylic on wood panel

"Euoplocephalus" - 12.75 x 11.75" - Acrylic on wood panel

"Pacycephalosaurus" - 10 x 11.25" - Acrylic on wood panel

"Tyrannosaurus" - 12.75 x 11.5" - Acrylic on wood panel




Who cares about blood sugar? The question is: will this bottle of Mountain Dew give me crow's feet?