The Mission Art Walk is TONIGHT!

Local artists, live music, good food and good times at the Mission Art Walk tonight from 6 to 10. I'll be at my booth selling paintings all evening, so come on down and say "hey." 

This piece and plenty other Drew Stearns originals will be on sale for $15. That's a slick deal if you ask me.

"Good Night Nurse" - 15 x 19" - Acrylic on wood panel

10/18/11 Update:

The Art Walk came and went and a good time was had by all. I made six sales during the evening! Were they all to friends or family? Yes, but that still counts!

Looking south down Woodson road, right off Johnson Drive

View of my booth from the main drag

My view of the main drag from the booth

Sitting in my chair behind my booth, looking south 

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